Ateliers Tempos Feelgood


What is it about ?

The Trager approach inslcudes table work and the complementary practice of simple movements called Menstastics®.  Through listening and questioning the body and its sensations and rhythms, the movements explore and allow us to rediscover sensations of softness, elasticity and lghtness.

The guided practice of Menstastics®  leads us to move towards tensionless movement, and when praticed reguarly, brings greater well-being, energy and calm in our daily lfe, in full autonomy.

The pratice of Menstastics® is close to a state of meditation in movement.

This workshop does not necessitate any previous experience and is open to any person who wants to explore new body perceptions and feel new positive sensations of release.

Venue : Paris 11th
Schedule : 7:15 to 8:30 pm


Fee: Open participation from 10€ onwards
For any questions and to reserve, please call at        06 47 41 38 25